Week 1 project 365 days 1-3


Day 1- starting off the year badly and my little R is poorly
Day 2- a rare picture of all 3 children.
Day 3- Still poorly little man who is refusing to sleep at all so only thing I can do is wear him in the borrowed wrap.

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Week 34 project 365 days 229-235


Day 229- went to the Trafford centre to swop some too small clothes for R and took the girls to Legoland R was clearly shattered by this as slept really well when we got home.

Day 230- Day at the beach at the children’s centre. The girls first donkey rides!

Day 231- In the waiting room waiting to go into Bs first speech therapy session.

Day 232- R had a temperature cough and kept being sick and took him to the doctors and they advised me to take him to the hospital to get him looked at. 6 hours of observation on the ward later and we were sent home.

Day 233- cuddles with his big sister to help him feel better.

Day 234- R still not 100% but starting to feel better not quite but to smiling but almost.

Day 235- took the girls to Blackpool to the circus they had fun on the beach while we were waiting for it to be time to go to the tower.

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Week 33 project 365 days 222-228


Day 222- drive home from Ls parents two tired girls.

Day 223- lush came to the children’s centre the girls had a great time playing with the bubbles and the water.

Day 224- Bs birthday my biggest girl turned 4 today and we took her to alton towers with my mum and my auntie for the day.

Day 225- blowing out the candles on her birthday buns.

Day 226- Rs first proper smiles that I managed to catch on camera :-)

Day 227- managed to get R to sleep in his bouncer chair and go for a run then a shower and he was still sleeping! That never happens!!

Day 228- Bs birthday party.

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Week 32 project 365 days 215-221


Day 215- We took the girls to Blackpool to the circus. F really enjoyed being on Ls back for the first time.

Day 216- Such a tired B!

Day 217- F wanted to go back in the wrap again.

Day 218- fast asleep in the bouncer chair.

Day 219- Busy day so R is having a quick snooze before our long car trip to Ls parents again.

Day 220- The girls enjoying sharing some lollies.

Day 221- F ready for a family party.

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Week 31 project 365 days 208-214


Day 208-Sunday morning still tired after a surprise family party for my Auntie the day before.

Day 209- Acorn farm came to the children’s centre F enjoyed feeding the goats.

Day 210- The girls were at my parents and the only thing we did today apart from a trip to the dentist was have cuddles in bed.

Day 211- Girls still at my parents so me and R took a trip to the children’s centre this was just after we got back.

Day 212- B had a nap on the 2 and a bit hour drive to Ls parents house.

Day 213- Me and the children walked to the park near hubby’s parents house. B enjoyed burning off some energy.

Day 214- little man isn’t well with a cough and he is having a growth spurt so up every hour last night!

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Week 30 project 365 days 201-207

20140727-040730 pm-58050978.jpg

Day 201- We went to Alton towers and as I had my phone away from me in the bag didn’t end up taking any pictures!! So this is B shattered after a long but fun day.

Day 202- My little man spending some time in the bouncer chair.

Day 203- Very dark self picture of me and R.

Day 204- Bs last ever day at nursery this is just after getting home she looks to have enjoyed herself.

Day 205- R chilling out in my bed.

Day 206- Went with some friends to see the giants in Liverpool was amazing but so very busy.

Day 207- We went to Blackpool this is L and the girls at the top of the tower.

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Week 29 project 365 days 194-200

20140721-012706 pm-48426017.jpg

Day 194- We all went to Legoland at the Trafford centre. B enjoyed driving the Lego car the best.

Day 195- big sister and R cuddles :-)

Day 196- Bs first sports day. This is her whole class waiting to start the first races.

Day 197- Was up most of Tuesday night as me and R weren’t feeling well so today was a struggle. This is after hubby got home me and R finally got to go to bed and lay down.

Day 198- F loves being a big sister and cuddling her brother.

Day 199- R sucking his thumb for the first time while in the sling.

Day 200- Busy day. The girls had a birthday party in the morning then we went to my parents. We were listening to a live music event from a nearby pub on the patio. B didn’t like all the music so she was listening to grandad’s Walkman instead and dancing around.

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